Augmenting decision makers with AI

Sector: AI, Deep Tech, Blockchain
Accelerator status: Graduate
Founded: 2013

Employees: 5-15
Location: Paris, France

company description

Braincities aims to provide context-aware recommendations to decision-makers.
Decision Making Problems Braincities Solves With AI:
I. Need for informed decisions when and where it counts
II. Humans Inability to quickly identify trends & patterns
III. Lack of business self-serviceability
IV. Data unreliability

recent achievements

Completed an AI based HR pilot project for Porsche. Braincities Ranked in the top 10% of deep tech startups on Early Metrics.

Collaborating with 2 cities, managing their data with the help of blockchain and AI.

Current clients will lead to a user base ofnearly 3,000,000 people.

A community of 3000 data scientists.

7 acceleration and corporate partnerships around the world.

Public Grant from the Government of Franceand VC round of € 1M.

Product/service description

Braincities is the technolgy enabler providing AI for human capital development. Leveraging workforce analytics to measure and significantly improve decision-making processes and business performance. Generating reliable knowledge-base to feed A.I with bias-free pre-structured data.

Datachain provides a decentralized Data Analytics Infrastructure facilitating peer-to-peer networks implementation. It allows to secure, structure and safely exchange heterogeneous data between individuals, private and public entities (businesses, administrations, associations).

latest financing round

€2 million +
Venture Capital and Government Grant

Management team