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Iconiq Holding Announces Strategic Partnership With Masternode Fund, INDX

Key players in the emerging token security space are putting their weight behind the INDX passive income security token. Iconiq Lab, Swarm, TYR Capital and London Block Exchange have all joined to support INDX. INDX is aimed at qualified investors wishing to improve on the returns offered by traditional stocks and bonds. INDX CEO, Jonathan Decarteret adds “investors want to capture the exceptional profits from crypto, without exposure to [...]

Can Crypto Spring be Far Behind?

By Eleanor Haas, an Iconiq Lab partner, crypto/blockchain commentator, advisor to innovators and Astia Angels, and Director, Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic It’s crypto winter. Cryptocurrencies have crashed by as much as 90%. Startups have shuttered. But in the background beyond the headlines are positive indicators. Three examples: Tokenized fundraising continued to evolve, the largest digital currency asset manager in the world found investors cautious but patient and [...]

Iconiq Holding Announces the Listing of ICNQ Token for Trading on the GBX-DAX

Global crypto asset management firm Iconiq Holding, a Sponsor Firm of GBX, announces the listing of the ICNQ token on the  GBX-DAX. The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) is an institutional-grade, regulated and insured token sale platform and digital asset exchange. The Digital Asset Exchange (GBX-DAX) is a state-of-the-art exchange created with the high expectations of professional crypto-traders in mind.  Adding to the diverse range of tokens on the GBX-DAX, ICNQ is the fifth token that has been listed on the [...]

USING BLOCKCHAIN - Because They Care About Sustainable Energy

By Eleanor Haas, an Iconiq Lab partner, advises crypto and life science innovators and Astia Angels and is Director, Keiretsu Forum Mid- Atlantic Photo by Daniel Falcão on Unsplash Adding Real Value for the Connected Home “The connected home needs to move from ‘because we can’ to ‘because we care,’ says Peter Davies, founder and CEO of Verv, a smart electricity use and blockchain-powered energy trading platform. “Many connected home [...]

Unbloqed Episode: #13 In A Conversation With Tobias Schulz – Investment Manager at High-Tech Gründerfonds

Tobias Schulz is an Investment Manager at High-Tech Gründerfonds. He is also a pre-ICO Venture Capital Investor and ICO Advisor. High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) is a seed investor that finances high-potential, tech-driven start-ups. With EUR 892.5 million in total investment volume across three funds and an international network of partners, HTGF has already helped forge 500 start-ups since 2005. In this episode of [...]

Iconiq Holding Closes a Seven-Figure Financing Round as FinLab Increases Its Stake and Germany’s Largest VC, High-Tech Gründerfonds, Invests.

Iconiq Lab Holding GmbH, a global crypto asset management firm, has closed a seven-figure financing round with High-Tech Gründerfonds III GmbH & Co.KG and FinLab AG (ISIN: DE0001218063; Ticker: A7A.GR). Iconiq Holding will primarily use the funds to further develop and launch the recently announced Asset-Management-as-a-Service (“AMaaS”) platform as well as scale its existing business units, the decentralized venture capital group and accelerator program, Iconiq Lab, and crypto [...]


Dear Iconiq Community, We are very pleased to announce that we have distributed the ICNQ tokens you earned by helping us build this wonderful community. There were a few technical glitches and we wanted to be extra sure you receive your tokens - hence the slight delay. We thank you for all your support and the staggering response our campaigns received and hope to continue seeing you as [...]

Iconiq Holding Burns All Unsold Tokens

At Iconiq Holding, our goal is to drive value to our community through the development of sustainable and scalable business models for Iconiq Lab, Iconiq Funds and the soon to be launched technology platform for Crypto Asset Managers, AMaaS. With the ICNQ sale now concluded, the Iconiq Holding team is burning all unsold ICNQ tokens on Jan. 17, 2019, a total of 7,039,816.394627980, to the burn wallet 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000001. [...]

Unbloqed Episode: #12 Interviewing Christopher Georgen- The Founder & Chief Architect of Topl

Topl is building the technology to more effectively link $9 trillion in investment demand to target opportunities throughout high potential emerging markets while blending socially motivated capital with traditional investment to provide better returns and increased impact. In this episode with Chris we talk about some updates from Topl, discuss the external real word transactions carried out in the Topl blockchain, [...]

Iconiq Holding Sponsors EOS Listing On GBX

The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX), an institutional-grade, regulated and insured token sale platform and digital asset exchange, today announced the addition of EOS to its Digital Asset Exchange (GBX-DAX), a state-of-the-art exchange created with the high expectations of professional crypto-traders in mind. EOS has been brought to the GBX-DAX by Sponsor Firm Iconiq Holding, and the announcement continues the strong start to 2019 for the GBX-DAX following the [...]

Unbloqed Episode: #11 AmaZix Head Of Advisory Jose Macedo on Community Engagement & More

Jose Macedo is the Head of Advisory at AmaZix. He is also a martial artist, investor, blockchain analyst, former poker pro, the co-founder at KitchPack (now acquired), Kaizen Academy and CFPalace. AmaZix is the leading provider of community management services for crypto projects. It specializes in helping projects running on the Ethereum blockchain, especially those building up to their ICOs. In [...]

AN ICONIQ YEAR – A Reflection On 2018 and 2019 by CEO Patrick Lowry

Dear Iconiq Community, I and everyone on the Iconiq team hope you had a wonderful holiday season and wish you all the very best in 2019! As we all begin a new year together, we wanted to take this time to conduct a review of Iconiq’s 2018 as well as fill you in on many of the exciting things looming on the horizon in 2019. Buckle your seat [...]


Hello there, This Christmas, we would like to take a minute to thank you for the exceptional part you have played in the Iconiq journey so far! They say a grateful heart is the happiest and this Christmas season, we would like you to help us create this wave of gratefulness by thanking the three people that have changed your life for the better. Let's take a minute [...]

Unbloqed Episode: #10 Verv On Unlocking Unique Energy Insights With AI – A Talk With Maria McKavanagh

Maria McKavanagh is Chief Operating Officer at Verv and is currently running the VLUX token generation event. She is also a keynote speaker and an advocate of Women in Tech. Verv is an intelligent IoT hub which uses patented AI technology to analyze electricity data and appliance usage in the home straight from the mains, unlocking unique insights and creating new smart home experiences [...]


World’s leading community management and engagement firm, Amazix announces its own KYC portal. The very first users of their KYC platform shall be the community of the world’s first decentralized venture capital group, Iconiq Lab. Iconiq Lab is powered by the token for digital asset management, the ICNQ token. Updates for the ICNQ Community: 1. We are extending the deadline of finishing the KYC process for bounty participants until [...]

Unbloqed Episode: #09 In Conversation With Trade Finance Market

Founded in 2015, Trade Finance Market utilizes technology to help global SMEs raise finance after the 2008 banking crisis. Raj Uttamchandani plays an integral part in identifying legacy systems that can be made more efficient through the use of technology and blockchain. In this episode with Raj, we talk about the specific use case of blockchain within the ecosystem of Trade [...]


Iconiq Lab portfolio company Verv, creators of the VLUX token, is on Crowdcube right now and they are allowing anyone to get equity for as little as £10. Thus far, they have exceeded their funding goal by 135% and are well on their way to completing a very successful fundraising. For more information on how to get involved, head over to Crowdcube where the pitch page is live. You can find [...]

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Unbloqed Episode: #08 In Conversation With Arifa Khan- Founder and CEO of Himalaya Labs

Arifa Khan is Indian Partner of the Ethereum Foundation. She has been researching the blockchain space since 2015 and is currently leading the efforts to build a ground-breaking decentralized solution for Capital markets (DGCAMP) as the Founder and CEO of Himalaya Labs, which she considers her most inspired and important work to date. In our conversation with Arifa, we discussed how [...]

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Unbloqed Episode: #07 In Conversation With Aleks Bozhinov- Co-founder of Crowdholding

Former Google Business Manager, serial entrepreneur & business coach. In the past, Aleks co-founded For Sale! & Aquajar as well as helped hundreds of businesses be successful online. Aleks is a keynote speaker at numerous blockchain events. Crowdholding is an open innovation platform where the community and businesses meet to innovate and solve business challenges. The community gets early access to [...]


By Eleanor Haas, an Iconiq Lab partner, advises crypto and life science innovators and Astia Angels and is Director, Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic Photo by Nikhita Singhal on Unsplash No value created through the use of blockchain technology is greater than allowing a business to control its own business model by powering and incentivizing a community through the use of digital tokens — establishing a token-enabled economy. Blockchain, or crypto, began for most of [...]

Iconiq Lab Chosen as One of the TOP 100 Most Innovative Start-ups in Germany and Part of the Hundert!

What is the Hundert?  The Hundert is a series published by NKF Media. Complemented by interviews, analyses and reports, The Hundred outlines the exciting and rapid changes in the world of startups, by taking a snapshot of the startup scene and presenting the 100 most innovative startups, selected by an outstanding jury of experts. The jury includes some of the top German Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists, CEOs and Managers [...]

Unbloqed Episode: #06 In Conversation With Andy Toth- Investment Director at PLUG and PLAY and Co-founder at Startup Autobahn

Plug and Play is the ultimate innovation platform, bringing together the best startups and the world’s largest corporations. In our conversation with Andy, we discuss the idea behind PLUGandPLAY, how the company empowers startups not only giving capital but also finding new customers and new partners, the experience in the Blockchain space, its investment model, and the value-adds the company brings. [...]

Iconiq Holding Cancels The ICNQ Tokensale On GBX GRID And Burns The Unsold Tokens

Iconiq Holding, the parent company of the decentralized VC group, Iconiq Lab, and the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange have jointly decided to cancel the sale of the ICNQ token on the GBX GRID. The decision comes in direct response to the sentiment surrounding the sale in the Iconiq community. “We have heard our communities’ concerns regarding the sale of the ICNQ token on GBX while it is already trading on [...]

Unbloqed Episode: #05 In Talks With Kazé A. ONGUENE- CEO & Founder of BRAINCITIES

BRAINCITIES bridges the gap between Humans and their ever-changing environments by making ecosystems like Cities and Companies Smarter With its Human-Supportive Artificial Intelligence. In this episode with Kaze, we discuss the idea behind Braincities and the uniqueness of it. We explore the design of the Datachain as a data storage unit in Blockchain, the challenges that the project faces, Blockchain agnostic [...]

Unbloqed Episode: #04 Bitcoin, Crypto & ICO Talk With Jimmy Song

Jimmy Song- a Bitcoin educator, coder, software developer for over twenty years, Bitcoin Fellow at Blockchain Capital and the general partner of Blockchain Capital's venture funds. Jimmy, being a Bitcoin Core developer, brings more than 20 years of deep technical expertise, programming, and development experience to his team. He served as a developer and programmer at more than a dozen start-ups. [...]

Unbloqed Episode: #03 Q&A on Iconiq Holding, ICNQ Tokenomics & Upcoming GBX Sale

Each episode of Unbloqed features guest interviews with leading crypto experts, CEOs and crypto Investors discussing the latest developments in the world of Blockchain and Crypto. We discuss Best ICO practices, the latest crypto trends and the future developments in the space. Unbloqed is powered by Iconiq Holding. In this special episode of Unbloqed , Lukasz Musialski is interviewing the Managing Partners [...]


  Only 2 Days to go until the GBX-ICNQ Sale kicks off! We have already fixed the ICNQ-ETH price and you can also use your RKT tokens to buy ICNQ now. 1 RKT = 0.04223000 ICNQ 1 ETH = 333.33333333 ICNQ Anyone with a GBX-GRID account can participate in the sale once it opens on Nov 1. Holders of 10,000 RKT tokens or more can avail themselves of the exclusive [...]

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Unbloqed Episode: #02 Eduard Kotysh – Founder & CEO – Solidified

Each episode of Unbloqed features guest interviews with leading crypto experts, CEOs and crypto Investors discussing the latest developments in the world of Blockchain and Crypto. We discuss Best ICO practices, the latest crypto trends and the future developments in the space. Unbloqed is powered by Iconiq Holding. Eduard Kotysh is the founder and chief executive officer of Solidified, the leading audit [...]


Frankfurt based Iconiq Holding, a GBX Sponsor Firm, and the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange are proud to announce  the ICNQ token sale on the GBX-GRID will open on Nov 1, 2018 at 11 am CET. Anyone with a GBX-GRID account can participate in the sale once it opens on Nov 1st. Holders of 10,000 RKT tokens or more can avail themselves of the exclusive ICNQ Early Access Token sale [...]

Unbloqed Episode: #01 Christopher Georgen – Founder Chief Architect of Topl

Each episode of Unbloqed features guest interviews with leading crypto experts, CEOs and crypto Investors discussing the latest developments in the world of Blockchain and Crypto. We discuss Best ICO practices, the latest crypto trends and the future developments in the space. Unbloqed is powered by Iconiq Holding. Chris leads the design of Topl's protocol and directs its business and legal operations. A graduate of [...]

Why Blockchain Matters — Part 2

By Eleanor Haas, an Iconiq Lab partner, advises crypto and life science innovators and Astia Angels and co-leads Keiretsu Forum New York We live in a time of emerging transformation. Blockchain technology is enabling both a new kind of social infrastructure, as described in Part I of this blog — characterized by one-to-one economic trust, decentralized connections and incentivized collaboration — and an alternative financial system, the subject of Part [...]

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Why Blockchain Matters — Part 1

By Eleanor Haas, an Iconiq Lab partner, advises crypto and life science innovators and Astia Angels and co-leads Keiretsu Forum New York It’s early days for blockchain — or crypto as the broader trend is called — but we can already see it changing how the world works. No, it’s not because of Bitcoin. That’s merely one application. It’s because of how the underlying technology shifts power and control. Blockchain [...]

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AmaZix and Iconiq Holding Partner to Advocate for Blockchain and Digital Asset Class

FRANKFURT, Germany Iconiq Holding, the team behind the world's first decentralized venture capital group Iconiq Lab announces a strategic partnership with the world's leading community management and engagement firm AmaZix. The partnership further displays Iconiq Holding's commitment to its own community's advancement and enhances its ability to bridge the traditional investment space and crypto economy. AmaZix's efforts in establishing quality standards are also demonstrated through this relationship. "Iconiq Holding takes its vision of [...]


Leading German business newspaper Handelsblatt recently named us in the top 3 startup accelerators in Germany. The results are based on a study conducted by Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln (RFH) and led by Professor Kai Buehler to give entrepreneurs an overview of the German accelerator landscape with transparency. RFH spoke to 110 startups for the study and the results were based on the five equally weighted criteria of follow-up financing, acquisition or initial [...]

Iconiq Holding Launches Digital Asset Index Funds and Announces Upgrades to the ICNQ Token With Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange Token Sale and Exchange Listing

Iconiq Funds, the newly-launched asset management arm of Germany-based Iconiq Holding, the team behind the world’s first decentralized VC group, Iconiq Lab, is launching a series of digital asset index funds beginning in Q4 2018. The passively-managed funds will track the top digital assets by market capitalization, allowing investors the opportunity to gain diversified exposure to the growth of the blockchain ecosystem through traditional financial vehicles, such as ETFs and [...]

First ICNQ Exclusive Presale – Vreo Starting on the 9th of July!

Iconiq’s first accelerator graduate, Vreo, is beginning its exclusive ICNQ presale on Monday, July 9 and will remain open until Monday July 23! Holding 470 ICNQ allows you to contribute 1 ETH to the Vreo ICO with an EXCLUSIVE 30% BONUS, THE HIGHEST OF ALL ICO PARTICIPANTS! Vreo provides solutions for the biggest entertainment market and the biggest ad industry combined through embedded in-game advertising. For the first time, [...]

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Iconiq Lab Announces The Latest Addition To Its Startups Cohort – VERV

Frankfurt-based decentralized venture capital group Iconiq Lab announces its latest addition to its ICO accelerator program- Verv, the machine-learning startup behind the VLUX token. This new addition comes in as a move to acknowledge and further the universal need for renewable energy through Verv’s peer to peer energy trading platform, as well as drive the industry towards a new-form data marketplace where consumers are in full control and able [...]

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UPCOMING ICONIQ PORTFOLIO ICOs Iconiq Lab has committed €1,000,000 of the funds raised in the ICNQ token sale to the first Iconiq projects that are currently a part of the accelerator program. ICNQ token holders have exclusive access to the presales with the highest discounts and bonuses or all participants in these token sales! The companies are: VREO : VREO is embedded in-game advertising secured through blockchain technology. They are [...]


We are thrilled to receive the community support we have so far and to make things even more exciting, we are introducing the ICNQ REFERRAL AIRDROP! On signing up to our airdrop now https://token.lab.iconicholding.com/airdrop/, you will get an auto-generated referral link via email. AIRDROP REFERRAL BONUS: 2 ICNQs for an airdrop referral  You receive 2 ICNQ tokens for each Airdrop sign up through your referral link. Our automated script shall [...]

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Iconiq Lab and Solidified Announce A Strategic Partnership

Iconiq Lab, Frankfurt-based global initial coin offering (ICO) and token sale accelerator program, and Solidified announce a strategic partnership in a move to assure further quality for the smart contract audits of Iconiq Lab and its portfolio startups. Solidified is an audit service for smart contracts - where independent expert auditors perform isolated, unbiased audits of contracts and disclose discovered bugs in the process. Solidified has successfully audited and [...]

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We are thrilled to share the success of one of the companies we as Iconiq Lab have been consulting on their token sale Unibright. Unibright allocated 67% of the overall token amount to the public sale and completed its token sale in ten days from the start - raising 14 Million USD* in total. During the next weeks and months, Unibright plans on partnering up with more blockchain projects that are [...]

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Germany based decentralized VC Club and ICO accelerator Iconiq Lab introduces the ICNQ Airdrop. Our community has been so supportive of Iconiq Lab and our vision that we want to give back to you and help this great community grow. Hence, we introduce the  ICNQ airdrop. Please sign up here to get your FREE ICNQ tokens! Everyone who has participated in the sale thus far will also be receiving 8 tokens in [...]

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Iconiq Lab Joins The GBX Sponsor Firm Network

The GBX Grid The GBX Grid is the institutional grade token Launch platform within a secure exchange environment. The Grid allows vetted token issuers to conduct sales with unprecedented access to a continually growing pool of AML/KYC vetted participants. Additionally, the GBX Grid does the ‘heavy lifting’ for issuers, dealing with the collection and distribution of the sale, thereby mitigating the potential risks. Iconiq Lab The Iconiq Lab team [...]

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savedroid and Moral Responsibility in Crypto

A Call to Form the German ICO Consortium I’m not mad, I’m just… disappointed. We met the savedroid team in mid-December. They had reached out to Iconiq Lab, asking us to advise them in their ICO. After a long workshop, we rejected working with Yassin and his team due to clear grey areas in German securities law they were skating, and the clear rush they were in to do their [...]

Gear Up For The Iconiq Lab ICNQ PUBLIC SALE – APRIL 15, 15:00 CEST

After closing a very successful public presale raising €1.5 Million, we are now we excited to open the public tokensale to raise €3,000,000 - April 15th at 15:00 CEST. The Iconiq ICNQ token holders receive the highest possible discounts on token sales of the startups graduating the Iconiq Lab Accelerator Program. To explore more of our work with the startups check out https://lab.iconicholding.com/startups/ Catch our CEO, Patrick Lowry explaining the Iconiq Lab vision and ICNQ token here. In order to participate [...]

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Iconiq Lab closes public pre-sale of 500.000 EUR putting the total pre-sale amount at 1.500.000 EUR!

Iconiq Lab has successfully closed its public pre-sale of ICNQ token at 500.000 EUR*. The previous private pre-sale of ICNQ token closed at 1.000.000 EUR putting the total ICNQ pre-sales at 1.500.000 EUR. Patrick Lowry the CEO of Iconiq Lab comments: "We are truly humbled by the support we have received from our community for our ICNQ token sale. We are excited for the launch of our public sale, [...]

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Iconiq Lab and the Decentralized VC

By Patrick Lowry, CEO, Iconiq Lab Coming out of college I was the co-founder of a Bio-Tech company, Voltaic Coatings, while at PwC. To seed the company, we participated in every business plan competition across the country we could find, winning many, and eventually received grants from Startup Chile and the National Science Foundation for product research. We sought VC investment for 5 years to optimize the product for mass [...]

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How to join the ICNQ Token Sale

The ICNQ ICO begins on Sunday, April 15th, 2018 at 15:00 CEST. Only ICNQ token holders will be able to participate in the discounts and bonuses of our accelerator graduates! SIGN UP TO PARTICIPATE IN THE SALE! In order to participate in the Iconiq Lab pre- and public sale we will have to verify your identity. Please follow the easy process below Go to https://token.lab.iconicholding.com/ico-signup/ and sign up [...]

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ICO Accelerator Iconiq Lab and Blockchain Regtech Leader Coinfirm Partner to Provide AML Compliance to ICOs

FRANKFURT, Germany - March 27, 2018 Iconiq Lab, a global initial coin offering (ICO) and token launch accelerator program, announces its partnership with Coinfirm, a leading player in blockchain AML & compliance services. Coinfirm will conduct anti-money laundering checks on behalf of all ICOs coming out of Iconiq Lab. With regulators across the world taking more of an interest in ICOs today, uncertainty around crypto investments are continually rising [...]

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Join the Iconiq Lab Whitelist Now – Easy 3 Step Process

After the successful completion of the $1,000,000 private presale, we are very excited to announce that the ICNQ Club Membership tokensale whitelist is now live on https://token.lab.iconicholding.com/ico-signup/ The ICNQ presale will begin on Saturday, March 31, 2018 at 15:00 CET. The presale will sell 750,000 ICNQ tokens for a targeted fundraise of €500,000. This is a 50% BONUS on the nominal value of the public sale! The ICNQ public sale will [...]

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Iconiq Lab will collaborate on blockchain projects with Finlab AG as they launch their $100 million Finlab AG / Block.one JV fund to accelerate development of EOS projects

Frankfurt, Germany, March 2018 FinLab AG is a strategic partner and investor in Iconiq Lab as well as one of the first and largest company builders and investors focused on the FinTech sector in Europe. Together with Block.one, the developer behind the leading blockchain software EOS.IO they announced today the signing of a letter of intent regarding the formation and capitalization of a new $100 million (€81 million) fund [...]

Iconiq Lab Tokensale Whitelist Is LIVE Now

Frankfurt, March 17, 2018  The day is here! After the successful completion of the $1,000,000 private presale, we are very excited to announce that the ICNQ Club Membership tokensale whitelist is now live on https://token.lab.iconicholding.com/ico-signup/ Iconiq Lab’s ICNQ club membership token is the holder’s passport into the exclusive presales of the startups which graduate the accelerator program, with the associated bonuses and discounts. Only by holding ICNQ tokens in your own wallet [...]

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Iconiq Lab closes a $1,000,000 Private Presale of its ICNQ token and launches the first batch of the accelerator program on Feb. 18

Frankfurt, February 19, 2018  Iconiq Lab, an Initial Coin Offering and Token Sale (“ICO”) Accelerator Program and FinLab AG (ISIN: DE0001218063; Ticker: A7A.GR) portfolio company, has closed a private presale to institutional and private investors of its ICNQ Club Membership token in a presale led by Token-as-a-Service(“TaaS”), the first-ever tokenized closed-end fund dedicated to blockchain assets. Iconiq Lab will use the funds raised in the ICNQ presale to finance the [...]

Introducing Our Final 5 Iconiq Startups

We are very excited to introduce the Iconiq Lab Feb 2018 intake startups. We received more than 165 applications across sectors and geographies and are thrilled to have Braincities, Topl, Wunder, BasedGlobal and Vreo on board with us. Braincities refines large volumes of data in real time for the HR and financial industries.They built an autonomous context aware recommendation system that helps businesses make better decisions. The idea behind Topl [...]

Introducing The Two New Iconiq Additions – Or and Syuzanna

Frankfurt , Feb 13, 2018:  We, at Iconiq Lab, are thrilled to introduce our latest additions to the team - Or Daniel Barmatz as the CTO and Syuzanna Avanesyan as our Communications and Office Manager. Or is a tech expert with extensive experience in advertising, media, e-commerce, military, and financial industries around the world. He co-founded and served as Epiphyte Corporation's CTO and is advisor CTO to the ProCircle Network. Or has [...]

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We are hiring! – Iconiq Lab sucht zur Verstärkung des Teams eine(n) Office Manager(in)

Über Iconiq Lab Iconiq Lab ist ein innovatives FinTech Unternehmen im Umfeld der Blockchain Technologie und Kryptowährungen. Nach unserer Gründung in Berlin, sind wir nun nach Frankfurt an den Goetheplatz gezogen und suchen weitere Verstärkung für unser internationales Team. Wir helfen Startups aus dem Blockchain- und Kryptobereich dabei, sich über ein sogenanntes ICO (Initial Coin Offering) zu finanzieren, um ihre innovativen Ideen umsetzen zu können.  Nur die besten Startups [...]

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Iconiq Lab Token Sale Delayed

We are currently in the final phase of the regulatory approval process with the German regulator, BaFin. In the light of the current situation, the Iconiq Lab team is delaying the pre and main sale dates. We at Iconiq Lab are creating the first public BaFin approved ICO and wish to see the process through to the end. As stated by Iconiq Lab CEO Patrick Lowry, “Iconiq Lab holds [...]

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Announcing the Winner!

We at Iconiq Lab are happy to announce the winner of our contest WHAT IS THE CRAZIEST THING YOU CAN TOKENIZE?. Thank you to all who participated. The winning entry came from Sophokles Tasioulis and his idea is truly remarkable. But read yourself, here it is! "Here's my idea for it, which includes peace and prosperity! My idea is to tokenize the nuclear program of "little rocket man" Kim Jong-un. [...]

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FinLab expands its cryptocurrency exposure with an investment in the ICO- and Token-Sale Accelerator ICONIQ LAB

Frankfurt, November 24, 2017: FinLab AG (ISIN: DE0001218063; Ticker: A7A.GR) is set to make an investment in Frankfurt-based Iconiq Lab Holding GmbH, the world’s first batch-driven Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and Token Sale accelerator program. Iconiq Lab will invest these new financial resources in the development of the accelerator program and further expanding its global deal-sourcing presence. Iconiq Lab will invest in additional personnel and increase its marketing budget to drive global [...]

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Wall Street Blockchain Conference: Insights

By Jonathan Wood This past week I had the pleasure of attending the Blockchain for Wall Street Conference, put on by Ron Quaranta and the Wall Street Blockchain Association. This all day event was packed with panelists, speakers, demos, and networking all centered around the applications of blockchain, and where the industry is heading. I’m here to summarize some of the major points made, and share my own insights. I am attempting to [...]

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ICO IQ – “Why the ‘Q’ in ‘Iconiq Lab’?”

By Patrick Lowry,CEO - Iconiq Lab People often ask me why we spell “Iconiq” with a “q”. The unfortunate truth is that Iconiclab.com is a wedding photography site based in California. I know, bummer. So, we added a “q” because it generated the same sound, and you know what... we immediately realized that we branded ourselves with “ICO IQ.” It’s funny how things unintentionally work out. So, here I am [...]

Iconiq Lab Bounty Program

If you want to participate in the Iconiq Lab bounty campaign, it is a requirement to Sign up via this form. If the form is not completed correctly, no bounties will be paid out to you. Iconiq Lab has the right to individually not pay out bounties for any given reasons. Please note that every bounty request is subject to investigation whether your content / blog post /article / [...]

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Iconiq Lab Announces Presale and Jan 2018 Token Sale

Iconiq Lab is happy to announce its very own token sale, scheduled to take place on 7th Jan. 2018, with a presale scheduled for 3rd Dec 2017. Please visit lab.iconicholding.com or follow our community and social media channels for more information and to view our white and color papers: rocket.chat facebook.com/iconiqlab twitter.com/iconiqlab Iconiq Lab is an Initial Coin Offer and Token Launch accelerator program. We source, fund, develop and [...]

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Announcing Our Partnership With Liquet Associates

Iconiq Lab, a global initial coin offer (ICO) and token-sale accelerator program, today announces its partnership with Liquet Associates, a law firm with a competence spectrum covering financial market regulation, corporate law, private equity, venture capital and start-up consulting. With the frenzy around crypto opportunities and startups skyrocketing, legal structuring becomes one of the most sought-after subjects. Having a coherent legal structure is invaluable from an investor perspective as well. Through this [...]

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The Funding Gap — How Do ICOs Fit In The Early Stage Financing World?

By Lukasz Musialski ICOs are taking the world by storm and entrepreneurs from around the world are using them as the financing method for their business. But how do the token sales (for the purpose of the article used interchangeably with ICOs) compare to other ESF(“Early stage financing”) methods in terms of the project stage and funding possibilities? The market has developed several methods for early-stage financing, which usage depends [...]

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All You Need To Know On Sourcing ICOs — The Story Continued!

By Max Lautenschlaeger WHAT DO ICO STARTUPS DEMAND Iconiq Lab offers 8 central services to startups accepted into the program based on startup needs: · 25,000 € worth of Ether in Seed Funding · Token structuring including feedback from token investors to find the most attractive token model for their respective business · Connections to legal guidance for the token model including finding the right jurisdiction and legal partner for [...]

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All You Need To Know On Sourcing ICOs – Our Story So Far!

By Max Lautenschlaeger The markets are gaining traction From 2016 to 2017 the number of projects being financed through a token generating event increased fourfold from 46 to 175. While at the same time, financing raised twenty-two-fold more, totaling $2.7 billion, as of October 2017. More and more blockchain startups are considering an ICO as an alternative funding instrument and are in dire need of service providers who can guide [...]

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The ICO Checklist

As tokenization takes over the Blockchain wave, ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) are becoming the go to choice for most startups. The ease of quantification of the product or service, access and traceability of the tokens are the chief reasons why tokenization is a sought-after option. What makes ICOs particularly interesting for startups is the convenience of raising capital for growth and expansion. The fact that an ICO can make the [...]

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Iconiq Lab and Ventureon announce a Strategic Partnership

Building the best crypto investment opportunities together Iconiq Lab, a global initial coin offer and token-sale (“ICO”) accelerator program, is announcing the formation of a strategic partnership with Ventureon, (a legal ICO, created by Hypercube Ventures for startups financing in the early stages). Through its accelerator program, Iconiq Lab aims to identify the most promising crypto and blockchain projects and teams and accelerate them to their own ICO launch. Iconiq [...]

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Iconiq Lab joins 16 firms to launch Project Transparency

Leading members of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry unite to launch Project Transparency Today, Iconiq Lab, a global initial coin offer and token-sale (“ICO”) accelerator program, is announcing its participation in Project Transparency, a crypto market voluntary disclosure standard which aims to bring self-governance and greater transparency for crypto investors and the community.  “Transparency is key for investors, and it is clearly lacking in the crypto markets. We are ecstatic [...]

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We are seeking a CTO to join the Iconiq Lab team!

Iconiq Lab Business Description Iconiq Lab is an Initial Coin Offer and token launch (“ICO”) seed funding wallet and accelerator. We source, fund, develop and accelerate the best crypto, blockchain and technology startups to their own ICO. We create the best investment opportunities for Iconiq Lab token holders and the crypto markets.   The CTO Role Continually expand and develop the Iconiq Lab digital platform, helping build the world’s [...]

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Iconiq Lab and TaaS announce a strategic partnership!

Iconiq Lab, a global initial coin offer (ICO) and token-sale accelerator program, announced a strategic partnership with Token-as-a-service (TaaS), the first-ever tokenized closed-end fund dedicated to blockchain assets. The TaaS team will also be filling an advisory role on Iconiq Lab’s board of advisors. As interest and investment in cryptocurrencies has skyrocketed, participants have expressed an overwhelming demand for proper due diligence on startups issuing a coin or token in [...]

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From The Investor’s Desk

“As an investor I'm very much interested in what Iconiq Lab has to offer. Startups that have passed through an accelerator have distinct advantages compared to the ones that don’t. Their business and token models are formulated and clearly understandable. Plain bad ideas are filtered out long before they are presented to potentials investors. All of this saves me time and improves my investment success rate a lot!” Eugene [...]

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From The Startup Desk

“Iconiq Lab has been an incredible help in terms of strategy and networking. The pressure of getting an ICO started can be overwhelming, but thanks to Iconiq Lab , we’ve met numerous investors, subject experts and entrepreneurs whose input has been invaluable. I feel very lucky to be a member of this incredible community and I would highly recommend any entrepreneur to join us!” Juan Suarez CEO @ Perkie, the [...]

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