INDX Capital 

The Masternode Investment Fund

Sector: Crypto assets, Investment
Accelerator status: Incubation
Founded: 2017

Employees: 5-15
Location: London, UK

company description

INDX is a crypto asset management company whose proprietary algorithm manages a portfolio of masternodes.
The INDX token, a security token issued by INDX, grants its holders exposure to passive income earned by a closed-end fund from the rewards received via the implementation of masternodes in the portfolio through the algorithm.

recent achievements

TYR Seeds INDX Capital

Iconic Lab joins INDX as a strategic investor and partner and drafts a full due diligence report

INDX is admitted to the Swarm STO Platform

Product/service description

INDX takes a risk-managed approach to its portfolio development and that starts with the algorithm. The algorithm utilises key measures related to crypto and specific measures associated with Masternodes to remove maximum possible risk. With a philosophy that embeds risk management throughout the process of asset selection, analysis and management, INDX has developed a system that considerably reduces volatility to the overall portfolio value.