The impact internet

Sector: Blockchain, Impact Investing
Accelerator status: Graduate
Founded: 2017

Employees: 5-15
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

company description

At Topl, our goal is to build the financial infrastructure necessary to bring low-cost capital to developing countries.
The barriers that hinder investment into these emerging and frontier markets not only deprive many regions of the capital necessary for an economy to thrive but also block investors from accessing premier opportunities. More specifically, the Topl protocol is a public, permissionless blockchain built to enable development and emerging market investment. Our architecture connects both economically and socially motivated investors with businesses and projects around the world, in addition to providing the necessary support infrastructure. It is the purpose of Topl’s design and feature set to provide businesses and projects with lower borrowing costs by increasing transparency, accessibility, and information access for investors while also leveraging the use of socially-motivated capital.

recent achievements

CEO Chris Georgen spoke about innovative finance for peacebuilding by invitation at the UN Headquarters during the Impact 2030 Summit.

Topl set up operations on three continents: US, Europe and Asia.

First project FairFoods was launched on Topl’s Network.

Product/service description

Topl’s Blockchain Protocol is an open, decentralized network designed to move goods and prove impact and sustainability. Our Blockchain Protocol is built to fill gaps that damage trust and cut operational costs by simplifying certification processes. As a good is produced, exchanged, and transported, information is verifiably inputted onto the Topl Blockchain via SMS or application. Goods tracked on the Topl blockchain have fully transparent and unchangeable histories, accessible to consumers with QR codes. Topl-powered supply chains empower brands to track, verify, and trace goods, with proof of quality, sustainability, and impact.

The Topl Protocol is flexible and scalable by design. We will enable superior, more efficient supply-chains while seamlessly integrating payment into our protocol. The capability for direct investment and donation means Topl can adapt to any value ecosystem and increase functionality, leveraging opportunities in any marketplace.

latest financing round

Venture Capital

Management team