In-game advertising secured through blockchain technology

Sector: Advertising, Gaming, VR
Accelerator status: Graduate
Founded: 2017

Employees: 5-10
Location: Frankfurt, Germany

company description

Vreo develops digital advertising solutions that not only address current issues of in-game advertising, but also strive to consolidate brands, developers, and gamers with mechanisms that ensure a fair distribution of advertising benefits.
Vreo will supply game developers and game publishers with plugins and algorithms for numerous game engines, that greatly facilitate the dynamic placing of embedded ads on various platforms. In contrast to traditional in-game promotion like pop-ups, embedded ads blend in with the game‘s environment without disturbing the players experience.

recent achievements

Raised over €1 million in a token sale.

Onboarding over fifteen launch partners, which have a reach of over 230 million gamers and $140 million in advertisement budget.

Adopting Vreo solutions to the most important gaming engines Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 3D.

Winning entry into two accelerator programs, Iconic Lab and Wayra.

Product/service description

Vreo is based on Plugins integrated into various graphical Engines like Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, CryEngine and more. These Plugins retrieve, show and evaluate ads through communication with a web backend, where the ads are provided and statistical data gets processed through a blockchain for later evaluation by the users. The communication between the plugin and the backend uses JSON over HTTP(s).

latest financing round

€1 million
ICO in 2018

Management team